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35 Years of Tank Pumping Expertise in Ontario

Broughton’s Pumping Service knows that your septic tank needs regular maintenance. Our maintenance services keep your home, business and family safe by preventing harmful bacteria from entering the water table which can adversely affect all running water in and around your home. Tank inspection and pumping from Broughton’s Pumping Service can protect your family’s health by restricting the entry of bacteria into the water system.

Call Broughton’s Pumping Service today to ensure your septic or holding tank is in perfect working order.

A Slow Growing Problem

If your home is in a small community or a rural area, then you are one of the 25 % of Canadians who use septic systems to treat wastewater. What you may not realize is that over a period of time, sludge will accumulate at the bottom of your septic tank. This can clog the distribution pipe of the system, allowing pathogens to thrive. This becomes a major concern because the bacteria can adversely affect all running water in and around your home and possibly cause septic tank overflows.

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